Thursday, August 22nd

Summer Surf on a Winter Spot | Pedra Branca SlideShow

Photos by Pedro Mestre

Wednesday, July 3rd

Coxos Sessions | Throwback to the Winter | Slideshow

All photos by André Pinto

Thursday, May 23rd

The Duct Tape Invitational, party or event?

Photos by Pedro Mestre

Monday, May 13th

Why Six world renowned pro surfers moved to Portugal | Part 1

Gony Zubizarreta, Ericeira

Tuesday, February 26th

Ericeira Sessions with Arran Strong & friends | Video

Point break fun...

Tuesday, February 19th

Epic days at Foz do Lizandro | SlideShow

Photos by Pedro Mestre

Wednesday, February 13th

Gabriel Ribeiro ripping at home in Ericeira | Video

Coxos, Ribeira D'Ilhas & more...

Tuesday, January 15th

Foz do Lizandro SlideShow | Ericeira Sessions

Photos by Pedro Mestre

Monday, December 10th

Pedra Branca Supersession | Slideshow

Photos by Pedro Mestre

Monday, September 17th

Occy & Luke Egan ready for a “Legends Heat” in Ribeira D’Ilhas

Ericeira, Portugal...

Thursday, January 4th

Cave, the heaviest “Slab” in Portugal

Another amazing wave in Ericeira...

Tuesday, January 2nd

A few fun rights, north of Ericeira | Slideshow

Fun Christmas sessions...

Sunday, December 31st

When Kelly Slater & friends surfed a heavy slab in Ericeira | Video

Cave, in Ericeira, is one of Portugal’s heaviest waves. So it was no surprise when Kelly Slater and a few of his friends decided to test it out during one of their visits…

Thursday, December 28th

A few fun lefts, north of Ericeira | Slideshow

Mellow reef break...

Wednesday, December 6th

The Guichard brothers “Adventure Of Dreams” | Video

Winter in Ericeira...

Monday, December 4th

Majestic Ericeira Sunset Sessions | Slideshow

All Photos by Pedro Mestre

Monday, November 27th

6 (now) well known waves that used to be secret spots…

All photos by Pedro Mestre

Tuesday, August 8th

Remembering the 2016 Ericeira World Junior Championships | Part 2 | Slideshow

Lucas Silveira and Isabella Nichols take the world titles...

Monday, July 3rd

Zoey Arielle’s Travel Diary: Falling in love with Ericeira

Zoey Arielle’s has been travelling around Europe for a few months.

Sunday, July 2nd

Passing Through Ericeira with Petterson Thomaz | Video

Brazilian pro surfer Petterson Thomaz has been traveling the world for some time and Portugal was one his favorite stops.

Wednesday, June 14th

Pedra Branca, Ericeira | Slideshow

A "must surf" spot...

Monday, June 5th

Leon Glatzer flying all around Portugal…

Leon Glatzer knows the portuguese coast very well and there is a very good reason why.

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