If you’re a surfer, there are a lot of reasons to love Portugal. The waves are amazing and they come in all shapes and sizes, for all levels of surfers. The crowds are minimal if you search a little, the standard of living is great and it turns out to also be a good location to be at if you are a pro surfer.

Find out the story of 6 pro surfers who moved to Portugal:

#3 – Timothee Bisso – 22 years old – From Guadeloupe Island, (insular region of) France

Tim Bisso is one of the most competitive up and coming surfers representing Europe on the world stage. His junior career was solid and his transition to the QS tour was outstanding, with immediate good results. Unfortunately, 2018 was a rough year competitively and by the end of it he’d lost his long time main sponsor. But, instead of giving up, he became stronger and even more determined. He moved to Portugal soon after and started picking up new sponsors.

After coming a few times to Portugal, I started to fall in love with the place”, Tim commented in a recent video called “Renascimento” (Rebirth). “There is definitely something special about this country”, he continued, “this could be the right place to help me regroup, recharge my batteries and turn my dreams into reality.

The change seems to have really paid of since Bisso, who spends most of his free time surfing in Ericeira, where he now lives, won two out of the first three WSL qualifying series events he entered this year, and will most likely end the season in contention for a spot among the 32 best surfers in the world.