If you’re a surfer, there are a lot of reasons to love Portugal. The waves are amazing and they come in all shapes and sizes, for all levels of surfers. The crowds are minimal if you search a little, the standard of living is great and it turns out to also be a good location to be at if you are a pro surfer.

Find out the story of 6 pro surfers who moved to Portugal:

#2 – Maya Gabeira – 32 years old – From Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Arguably the most successful female big wave rider off all times, Maya was born in a city known as a small wave haven, Rio de Janeiro. She started surfing at 14 years old, an age where many of her piers were already locally acclaimed as future surf stars. From very early on in her surfing “route” Maya showed an interest in surfing bigger waves and less than two decades later she had amassed one of the most impressive curriculum of accolades in surfing history.

It includes an ESPY award for Best Female Action Sports Athlete, five XXL Big Wave Awards for Girls Best Overall Performance and the recognition by the Guiness Book of Records for the biggest wave surfed by a female surfer, a 20,8 meter wave surfed in Nazaré. To be close to the biggest waves in the world Gabeira moved full time to Portugal, where she lives in Nazaré during the Winter and Ericeira in the Summer.