Who was the first ever Portuguese surfer to compete in a CT heat?
Miguel “Frey Tuck” Diniz, competed in heat 7 of round 1 at the Coca-Cola Figueira Pro, in October 1996. He was followed by Bruno Charneca, Rodrigo Herédia and João Antunes who were seeded in heats 8, 9 and 10 of the same round.

Who was the first Portuguese to win a CT heat?
João Antunes, in heat 10 of the 1996 Coca-Cola Figueira Pro. João defeated John Shimooka and Luke Egan and went straight to round 3.

Which CT event had the most Portuguese surfers competing?
The 1997 Figueira Pro de 1997, which had 5 local surfers competing. They were Bruno Charneca, João Antunes, Ruben Gonzalez, David Luís and José Gregório. They were all eliminated from the event in round 2.

How many portuguese surfers have competed in a CT event?
13, Bruno Charneca, João Antunes, Ruben Gonzalez, David Luís, José Gregório, Rodrigo Herédia, Miguel Diniz, Tiago Pires, Justin Mujica, Francisco Alves, Frederico Morais, Nicolau Von Rupp and Vasco Ribeiro.

How many CT events were held in Portuguese waters?
13. 4 in Figueira da Foz, one in Sintra, and seven in Peniche.

Who was the best placed Portuguese wildcard in a local Championship Tour event?
Prior to 2015 it had been Ruben Gonzalez, who finished 9th at the 1997 Buondi Sintra Pro. Ruben had drawn Shane Beschen in round 2, but the Californian missed the event. Kelly Slater was his next adversary but couldn’t defeat a very in form Ruben. He ended up losing to eventual winner Mick Campbell in round 4. Most of the event was held in a (before this) secret spot, Praia da Aguda, in Sintra. Everything changed in 2015 when both Frederico Morais and Vasco Ribeiro went on a tear, taking out the top2 contenders for the world title on the way to 5th and 3rd place finishes.

Who are the Portuguese surfers who surfed the most CT events?
Tiago Pires competed in 75 Championship Tour events. Ruben Gonzalez, João Antunes, Justin Mujica and David Luís surfed in 3 events each.

How many Portuguese surfers have defeated the 11x world champion, Kelly Slater?
Four. Bruno Charneca in round 2 of the 1996 do Coca-Cola Figueira Pro, Ruben Gonzalez in round 3 of the 1997 Buondi Sintra Pro, Tiago Pires (3 times) and Frederico Morais in round 2 of the 2013 MOCHE Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

More interesting facts:
Tiago Pires was awarded 13 wildcards to compete in Championship Tour events, some of which were decided through trials. 2004 was the only year between 1999 and 2015 that the best Portuguese surfer of all times did not compete in any CT event.
The first ever ASP/WSL event was the 1989 Buondi Instinct Pro, held in Ribeira D’Ilhas, Ericeira. Back then there was no CT/QS divisions, only one division and one ranking and the best results by local surfers were Bruno Charneca and Rodrigo Heredia’s 33º place.