Nazaré is no stranger to the WSL Big Wave Awards commission! In fact, the organization had already received a few entries for the 2017 season, but Nazaré keeps delivering. The latest entries were split into two of the most important categories, Billabong Ride of the Year and Tag Heuer Wipeout.

Recently brazilian surfer, Lucas Chianca, had posted three amazing waves previously and in this new “flurry” of entries was responsible for two more, again in the Billabong Ride of the Year. Joining him are Damien Hobgood, João Macedo (2 entries), Trevor Sven Carlson, Jamie Mitchel (2 entries), Sebastian Steudner and Andrew Cotton.

In the Tag Heuer Wipeout division the “heavy fails” were posted by Tom Lowe, Rafael Tapia and Will Skudin. And the Winter Season is still far from over…

Billabong Ride of the Year

Andrew Cotton

Sebastian Steudner

Jamie Mitchel

Trevor Sven Carlson

João Macedo

Damien Hobgood

Lucas Chianca

Tag Heuer Wipeout

Tom Lowe

Rafael Tapia

Will Skudin