Before arriving in Peniche, the Championship Tour had passed through Figueira da Foz and Praia Grande (Sintra), but the cancellation of the 2001 Figueira Pro, in relation to the incidents of September 11, and the cancellation of the 2002 event, due to lack of waves, was the end of these “elite” surfing contests in portuguese soil for a few years.

It took the “floating The Search” license to slowly bring a CT event back to Portugal. In 2005 Rip Curl obtained from WSL the authorization to make an event in the style of its most successful campaign, the search for perfect waves. Every year the event would be held in a different country, thus offering competitors the experience of discovering new locations.

First it went to Reunion Island, then Mexico, Chile and Uluwatu/Bali. Next in line was Peniche in 2009, a historic event that had heats in different locations, such as Molhe Leste, Lajido and Pico da Mota, before returning to Supertubos for a day of epic waves. Due to the quality of the waves and the hard work by the organizers of the event, Peniche was granted the license of the Mundaka event, which for several years had “staggered” due to the lack of consistency in the mythical Basque wave, which forced the event to regularly move to spots with waves far below the level expected.

The quality of the Portuguese Waves was now known all over the planet and thanks to the strong local backing from companies such as Altice, and public entities such as Turismo de Portugal, among others, the event remained, being the biggest event of the year within its genre in Europe .

And, as expected, in 2018 the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal will be on again, celebrating its 10th consecutive year of existence between the 16th and 27th October, in Supertubos, Peniche.