Garrett McNamara’s Mercedes-Benz surfboard is already in exhibition at Forte de São Miguel Arcanjo’s Surfer Wall project. The board is 1 of only 10 made in collaboration with Garrett McNamara and Mercedes-Benz specifically for the waves of Nazare. It truly is as unique as the canyon of Nazare.

The legendary Guiness World Record holder for the biggest wave ever surfed (November 2011 at Praia do Norte, Nazaré) handed today his surfboard at the lighthouse museologic room, where the surfboards, offered or borrowed by those who challenge the waves of Nazaré, will stay in permanent exhibition.

“It’s an honor to be represented here. Nazaré is my second home and I’m available for anything that Nazaré needs from me. I love Nazaré and Portugal, and I really admire the people here”, Garrett said.

As for the Mayor Walter Chicharro, he expressed his “great joy by having Garrett’s surfboard in the Surfer Wall, mainly because it underlines his vital contribution in promoting Nazaré and it’s giant waves all over the world.”

Surfer Wall is a City Hall project created in response to an offer from the brasilian surfer Pedro Scooby, who wanted to leave his personal mark at this iconic monument.

The project main goal is to show the respect and recognition of Nazaré by those who challenge or search for superation at Praia do Norte, and by doing that show it’s full potential worldwide.

Apart from Pedro Scooby, Sebastian Steudtner and Garrett McNamara, other big wave riders already offered their surfboards.