One week after turning 50, Garrett McNamara was given a special gift: the ability to surf the longest wave of his life. The place of election for this feat was the Tagus River.

Garrett arrived at the Santo Amaro dock in Alcântara, with a surfboard offered by Mercedes-Benz for his 50th birthday, to once again surprise the portuguese crowd and surf an even bigger wave. This time in length.

The North American, responsible for the record breaking 23.8-meter-high wave, surfed a wave on the Tagus River yesterday for more than 10 minutes between the Santo Amaro Dock and the Torre de Belém, corresponding to about 3.5 Km away. For this, and because we are talking about a river, the only way to realize a wave with this length was to resort to the mat created by a powerful boat.

About this unprecedented session Garrett said: “When Mercedes-Benz came to me and told me they wanted to do something special to celebrate my 50th birthday, of course I was very pleased and honored with the idea. Only after I had internalized the idea did I ask that any action that was planned would necessarily have to be an action that would also repay the country that gave and did so much for me. Portugal has already offered me the greatest gift of my life … the biggest wave on the planet. Today everybody knows that Portugal has the biggest wave in the world, but this country is much more than that. It has immense beauty and natural wealth, a unique culture and a passionate people. I wanted to show Portugal so that everyone knows that it does not take a great surfer to come here and enjoy everything this country has to offer. I wanted to make known the best city in Europe … Lisbon. And show that anyone can get here and have fun in the water, even if it’s someone who’s learning to surf. Thank you for this opportunity Mercedes-Benz, Lisbon and everyone in Portugal. ”

That’s how McNamara surfed the longest wave of his career. With the city of Lisbon as a backdrop, and the locals as an audience, the surfer has returned to the country, in the way that he knows best, all the affection the Portuguese have given him…