The Portuguese Coast has waves of all sizes and shapes. If you are looking to ride mountains, you can do it at Nazaré, Papoa (Peniche), Alentejo and many other places. If you want long point breaks you can surf them all over, as well as beach breaks, barreling reefs, slabs and more. You can also find many spots that are great to start surfing, “soft” and fun waves to get you through your first sessions. Here a short list of some amazing spots to start surfing…

Costa da Caparica – Almada
Miles and miles of fun mellow beach breaks, just choose one. From north to south, somewhere is always going off in Caparica. High tide or low tide, big or small, you’ll have plenty of options for all levels of surfing in this area but it’s incredible fun for beginners in most days.

Find out how to get there – HERE! More about Costa da Caparica in this LINK and nearby Almada HERE!

Baleal – Peniche
Not very far from Supertubos, one of the heaviest beach breaks in the world you’ll find Baleal, a world-class spot for beginners. You’ll find bigger and smaller waves by moving north or south to the more protected areas with easier sections. And when you feel ready to rise to the next level all you need is to walk a few yards away and test yourself.

Find out how to get there – HERE!

Praia do Guincho – Cascais
One of the most well-known beach breaks in the country, Guincho, in Cascais, also offers a large variety of conditions to different levels of surfers. One of the most consistent spots in Portugal, Guincho is more of an expert surfers spot on most winter days but it becomes a dream wave for beginners in most summer days on lower tides.

Find out how to get there – HERE and more about Cascais in this LINK

Praia do Amado – Carrapateira
The quintessential beginners spot in the south of Portugal, Amado was one of the first spots in the country to receive “new surfers” from many European countries on a regular basis. Also a soft mellow wave with many surf schools to choose from, Amado is a beginners dream spot.

Find out how to get there – (coming soon, check out nearby Bordeira) more about this region – HERE.

Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira – Porto
Some of the best beginners options in the north of Portugal are Matosinhos in the summer and Leça in the winter. Why? Between these two spots you’re more than likely to find fun waves for your first few sessions and as soon as you feel ready to take your surfing to the next level all you have to do is search a little bit and you’ll be rewarded with great waves.

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