Costa Nova do Prado, also known as (only) Costa Nova, is one of the many fun beach breaks that can be found along the portuguese coast. Located in Ílhavo, near another fun beach break, Praia da Barra (How to get to Praia da BarraHere) this spot is one of the most fun and easy waves in the Centro de Portugal region and it is definitely an amazing spot to surf and visit.

What should you do after surfing? Visit the Museu Marítimo do Mar, just a short drive away.

“This unique museum provides an insight into the admirable and heroic adventure of the cod fisheries, and the remarkable ethnographic richness of the coastal populations, whose character is moulded by the rough seas to which they owe their survival.”

Find out all about it and how to get thereHERE.

All Photos by Tó Mané