For decades the waves at Cabo Raso were only “mind surfed”. Driving north from Cascais towards Guincho Beach, a spot on the way would often be breaking with some amazing waves but no one would ever be out. There are many reasons to justify the empty line up but the most important one would probably be the hard entrance and the almost impossible way out. Despite that, in the past 10 years some surfers started to try harder, reaching the wave by boat and eventually having a jet ski to help get surfers back into safety after a bad wipe out.

One surfer who invested the most time trying to get to understand the wave better was Ruben Gonzalez, a 4x national champion who has proven to be one of the best Portuguese surfers in heavy conditions as well. So when the “Carnival Swell” started getting close, Ruben and his close pals, José Gregório, Pedro Monteiro and André Pedroso, got ready to “charge” Cabo Raso.

It ended up being a short session, due to technical problems with the jet ski, mas some amazing waves were ridden again in Cascais.

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Production by Luis Bento.