Praia do Norte, Nazaré, has had a constant presence at the prestigious WSL Big Wave Awards for a few years and in the 2016/17 season it almost took over the event. But Nazaré is not the only place in Portugal where you can find heavy waves. They are all around the coast, just waiting for the next big swell to start producing world-class waves. One of those many spots is located in the Azorean Island of São Miguel, near Ribeira Grande. As part of the “EDP Mar Sem Fim” expedition, Portuguese big wave rider João Macedo surfed amazing waves at a “semi-secret spot” called “Pico da Viola”. Macedo was towed into an amazing wave and locked into a “monster” lef-hand barrel. By “surviving” the section he gained nominations into two WSL Big Wave Awards categories, the “Billabong Ride of the Year” and “Tube of the Year!! Well done, João!!

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