Alex Botelho joined the surfers represented in the Surfer Wall of Forte S. Miguel Arcanjo Fort, with the delivery of one of his surfboards to the museum space dedicated to surfing.

“It’s important to have here all the surfers who are promoting North Beach. Nazaré has made a strong contribution to the dissemination of surfing worldwide, “said Walter Chicharro, President of the Municipality of Nazaré.

Next to the donated surfboard, Alex Botelho left a statement about his reaction to the discovery of big waves in Praia do Norte: “The day I learned that we had a big wave here, it motivated me a lot to come to Nazaré. And when I got to know this place and the people, I had to come back over and over again “.

The Surfer Wall has surfboards from Pedro Scooby; Sebastian Steudtner; Garrett McNamara; Maya Gabeira; Andrew Cotton; Carlos Burle; Mike Stewart; Marcelo Luna; Rodrigo Koxa; João de Macedo; Toby Cunningham; Nuno Santos Violino; Alessandro Marcianó; Joana Andrade; David Langer and Alex Botelho.