Ericeira is one of the most wave rich coasts in Europe and a World Surfing Reserve. Well known for holding some of the first WSL events in Portugal and for being the hometown of CT veteran, Tiago Pires, this fishing village holds over a dozen amazing surf spots. Here are 5 spots you have to surf when visiting.

Considered by many as Portugal’s best wave, Coxos is by any standard a world-class wave. Surf contest have been banned decades ago, making it a free surfing only spot. This right-hand point break has two main sections, a shallow barreling ledge, situated more on the outside, and a more high performance friendly section, situated more on the inside. Often the two sections connect, allowing for very long rides. This reef bottom wave can be surfed from 1 meter all the way to 3 meters, sometimes more, and works best at rising and falling tides.

(How to get to Praia dos CoxosHere)

Crazy Left
Situated in the opposite side of Coxos, this “crazy” left-hand break is one of the most powerful and fastest waves in Ericeira. Not as crowded as Coxos, this spot is a great option during high tides but it is not advisable at lower tides. Known to be a barreling wave, Crazy Left is also a high performance wave, offering good sections on the inside.

Ribeira D’Ilhas
On most days Ribeira D’Ilhas is a very fun and inviting wave and even on bigger days it can offer great rides to surfers of most levels. A right-hand point break, Ribeira also has a few different sections, which helps splitting the crowd of surfers. It’s also works as a “postcard” for Portugal since it is an easy and accessible spot and has received many great WSL events through the year. Riding a wave at Ribeira D’Ilhas is definitely an important part of the Portuguese surfing experience.

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Pedra Branca
Another great option during high tides, Pedra Branca is a barreling left-hand reefbreak. It’s a wave for experts, especially when the swell gets bigger than one meter. Although the risk of hard wipeouts is very present, the reward is often worth the risk since it’s a spot where you can get find some of the best tubes or your life.

Foz do Lizandro
The only beach break in this selection, “Foz” is the easiest, and can be the most fun, of these 5 spots. This long beach break offers all kinds of conditions, from long lefts, to long rights and barreling “A-frames”, depending on how the sand banks are situated. It’s a great option for smaller swells and often has good waves in all tides.

(How to get to Foz do LizandoHere)

What should you do after surfing? An excellent choice would be to visit the magnificent palace, convent and basilica of Mafra, just a short drive away. Find out all about it and how to get thereHERE.