The south of Portugal is a great location to visit all year, but in the summer it’s specially attractive. Warm water, lots of sun, parties and good looking people make the trip to the Algarve well worth it. Although not as consistent as in the Winter, there are plenty of waves to go around and here are 64 spots you should definitely have a look at when in the area…


Near the beautiful town of Aljezur, Arrifana is on the western seaboard in the north west of the Algarve. This spot contains several different waves, a few a-frames along the beach break, great for surfers of all levels but especially beginners, and a right-hand point break to the right of the beach. Called “Canguru” by locals, it’s a hollow, fast and powerful wave it, only suitable for well experienced surfers (Check out some “Canguru” action HERE). Both need a bit of swell to start breaking, especially the point break.

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A beautiful setting on a beautiful coast. This long stretch of beach always has a lot of good options to surf. Depending on how the sand bars are “sitting” you’ll be able to find left and rights with fun sections. A very consistent break, this beach in a favorite among many of the best local surfers during the summer months, making it a high performance surf spot.

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Ponta Ruiva

One of the only point breaks in the south of Portugal, Ponta Ruiva is by far one of the best waves in the area. What it lacks in accessibility and infrastructures it compensates in beauty and wave quality. The main wave is a long left-hand point break, full of fun sections for great turns but the remainder of the beach also has some fun A-frames to surf in the smaller days.

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Located within walking distance of Sagres, Beliche is one the gems of the south of Portugal. After tanking a long stairway down to the beach you’ll find another beautiful setting with a hollow but fun wave, great for high level surfers. It needs a solid swell to start breaking but in case there aren’t any waves on this spot you you’ll find other more consistent breaks very close by.

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