Ask anyone who has visited the island of São Miguel, in the Azores, and they’ll tell you it’s one of the most beautiful places they’ve ever been to. There’s an amazing quantity of great places to visit for such a small island. Places like Lagoa do Fogo, Lagoa das Furnas, Poça da Dona Beija, Jardim Terra Nostra Garden and Caldeira Velha are just a few who stand out, but there are a lot more.

And a there are a lot of great waves as well. Here are a few…

Areais de Santa Bárbara

Probably the most well known spot on the island, although not the most surfed. This long beach break often has amazing sand bars either on the East or the West sides of it. It’s where most of the WSL events were held throughout the years and competitors consider it one of the best stops on tour. A few year back Mark Ochillupo, a former surfing world champion, was so impressed by the wave that he said, live on the webcast, it was worthy of a Championship Tour event!

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Praia do Pópulo

The closest spot to the capital, Ponta Delgada. It’s where most of the locals surf more often, but it can also be found uncrowded on days with great conditions. On most days it’s a good options for most levels of surfers, from beginners to high-level performers. A really fun beach break

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Praia dos Mosteiros

One of the best waves on the island when it’s on. The majestic backdrop is amazing but on the right swell you’ll find some of the best right-handers in São Miguel. Filled who good and fun sections, it’s definitely a spot to have an eye on when the swell is right.

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Santa Iria

A less obvious spot than most, Santa Iria is one of the longest point breaks on the island. Not accessible on high tide, it offers a fun left, with some great section. It can be surfed from 3 to 8 feet and despite not being a very powerful wave it’s a location where you’re very likely to have one of the best sessions of your life.

(local boy, Jácome Correia, surfing at Santa Iria)


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